Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pure Michigan

haa...what a day!

12 Sept. 2010.
I was suppose to leave on 11th but late night drinking and all the fun with friends, left me no choice. Everything got so messed up. I planned to start early in the morning of 12th but cud only start by 9 am and then later at Gas station, I realized that I left my iPod at home. 50-60 miles on the highway and it started raining.
I was feeling so depressed and thinking if it was even a good idea to do X country at this time of the year. The boring east cost highways, the cold, rain and everything else, didn't feel like taking pictures or blog about it. Rode some 500 miles and checked in at Motel in Toledo.

13th Sept.
I really wanted to reach Upper Peninsula, Michigan as soon I can. The lower region of Michigan is boring again. I took the so called scenic route [US 23] East Michigan but didn't like it much. Didn't have enuf enthusiasm to take pictures but I really wantred to test my HD Camera that I bought. Shot from few diff locations and finally it fell on the highway [bad sucktion mount I guess and gusty winds].I wanted to reach the Upper Peninsula by night and camp around St. Ignace and may be watch sunset at Mackinac ridge that connect U.P with lower Michigan. With lot of confusion at US 23 and stop overs I didn't realize that I cud ever make it to the Mackinac bridge by eve but surprisingly I was right on time...I wanted to take sunset shots as I knew it would be great but I was so tired that I missed the exit just before bridge and my HD cam battery was also exhausted :(.

As soon as I got on the bridge and there it was "the most amazing sunset!!" I would have ever watched in my life....driving slowly on the never lomg bridge, vast view of the sea on both sides of the bridge, the golden light on its steel, the shadow of my rolling maching on it, the purple clouds near the sun, amazing sun setting in the horizon...I mean I will fail miserably if I try to explain it more. Surreal!! still can't believe that it was in real!! :)
After I crossed the bridge, I found KOA Campground but it was so darn cold and I was so tired that I took wooden shelter instead.

14th Sept. 2010
Woke little late, started by 9 am. I really like to wake up early and ride...there ain't anything like riding early morning!!!.
Lovely Upper Peninsula as I expected, riding beside the shore mostly and overlooking Canada! Finally crashed at Indian Lake campground and pitched the tent. It was windy and cold. Well, I didn't realize it [J.D I guess] but next day morning the motorcycle won't start. The battery went dead. Tried jump starting it with car but that also didn't work. Had to call up roadside assistance and take it to the motorcycle garage 50 miles away. Yeah, I also lost my debit card two days ago. And after this black coffee I'll be left with five dollars ;P

Finally battery was replaced with new one, made some good friends at the garage.
It was already evening and raining so I decided to stay at Escanaba tonight (to avoid hitting Deers and Bears crossing the jungle roads :D). One whole day wasted. Don't know when will I reach the beautiful west. I hope soon.... :)

I have yet to plan my further plans and routes to reach west coast and it seems like I have a long way to go ahead...let's see!
Until later...

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