Friday, September 24, 2010

15th Sept 2010

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It was raining and cold in Escanaba, Michigan. After the new battery was put in, I rode for 10 miles in rain and took a room for night. Motorcycle was parked outside in rain, I was worried if the battery will die again in cold night.

Next day morning, still raining I packed my stuff on and started. Bike switched off again, that scared me but it was same old loose switch key issue and after 2-3 tries it stated. I took the same US-2 W route crossing Crystal falls all the way upto Duluth, Minnesota. Loved the US-2 W so far but it was little boring ..some 50-80 miles before Duluth. I also arranged to get cash from my bank in Duluth but I again missed the western union location from where I was supposed to pick the money.
Duluth was little boring too but from Duluth to Grand Rapids, the road was beautiful priarie and sun setting in front of me was just amazing. Took a room in small Inn for the night. The people around here are so simple and men look untidy with their hairs undone and worn out clothes :). Went to a chinese restaurant for dinner and she gave me the food for 4 people i guess :)

16th Sept 2010

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